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Please tell me a custom of a tip in Japan.

   There was asking about a custom of (tip) in Japan more than the customer who came to the restaurant for sightseeing from foreign countries on the other day.

   When I say so, here, recently, it can be felt oh as the custom called (tip),
)congratulations ,(SUNSI-nominal token) is being obsolete. Would everybody gave tip recently ?

   We could often inform (tip) and care* to which we gave the form were also a thing like a custom, and that consideration and care were an important thing from a parent until the generation.

   Fee to care person by a ceremonial occasion and the person who was under end care. And it's when the waitress at a Japanese inn when staying at a Japanese-style hotel, the change in a small sum money when using a taxi, and pleasant service at an eating place .

   When I have begun to participate in this work, I receive much consideration from "ODANNASAN-cool guys", a gentleman and a lady, and I have the memory which became eased feeling. As the drink charge which is cold when the heat is sometimes severe as a cigarette charge, a coffee charge and a snack charge....

And They are used POCHI-BUKURO(artistics small cute-bags) and were stood fashionably.

   Our delight, from a customer, "It was good.", and, "Thank you very much.", a word was best, but the (tip) which shows the feeling to the action was also very wonderful.

   Or, according to the place heard, the past, if, the people's payment system of service charge for a store to have that is different from now, and when living, it's said that (tip) was important.

   When living, I hear that the United States custom tip is important even now.

  There are no systems to pay a chip in anything but the marked price at present at many restaurants except for a luxury restaurant (each expensive store) and the hotel restaurant.

   Conventional service in a store of chain development can't deny too much doing sense a little, but I'm providing for the best service to a customer at most restaurants. And anything the service charge will be isn't included in those.

   This is best service. It’s called OMOTENASI

   And priceless !

 It's the phrase asked somewhere..., isn't it?

   A custom of (tip) is obsolete by our life in these days, there is a sense by which the communication by which it's one what it was lost the important heart I say also seems to be disappointed.

  Why is it....?

   Though there is no moisture in a life only by the system that I was businesslike and a decided thing, and the stress builds up, and I think human is becoming small.person...

 "A customer is God." for, it's a catch phrase of a certain singer, with the well-balanced pleasant communication by which the store side neither be arrogant nor requests that the customer is surplus, too much, you'd like to good a life, right?

   But customers you're anxious, I don't have that .

So as not to your concern!!

Nobuo Yanagisawa

What is Japanese food

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, “Japanese food” was registered as an UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.
It will be December 2013.
”Japanese cuisine has four characteristics,
@ Respect for diverse and fresh ingredients
(Ingredients rooted in each region)
A Nutritional balance to support a healthy diet
(Style based on three soups)
B Expression of natural beauty and seasonal changes
(Established according to the seasons)
C Close association with annual events such as New Year
(Bonds with family and community)
Although it has the above characteristics, since I started cooking work until now, it feels somewhat humble and I have a feeling that I have naturally come into contact with myself, but it is again expressed in letters and sentences If you do, you will be able to deal with your daily work seriously and put your thoughts into it.
However, it is not described specifically, so the cooking and cooking methods are different for each person. It ’s the same if you ’re working on cooking with all your thoughts.
"Japanese food" equal, Japanese cuisine
"Japanese food" equal, meals offered in Japan
"Japanese food" equal, cooking in Japan in Asia

Recently, a large number of tourists from overseas have come to Japan. With the economic effect of so-called inbound.
Of course, everyone who comes here will not have to eat without a meal, but will have a meal in Japan.
There are only a few customers who spend all three meals at their lodgings, and most customers have eaten out. I will.
However, there is some disagreement between the “Japanese food” that is expected by customers from overseas and the “Japanese food” that we have been providing to our customers on a regular basis.
店 The restaurant listed in the famous restaurant introduction book is a “Japanese restaurant”. Although there is no difference between the two, there are few overseas Japanese restaurants, such as some famous restaurant introduction books, meals offered in Japan, in Asia Cooking in Japan
It seems that most are offered. (Not all)
Because it is such a situation, some overseas customers order fried rice, fried noodles, curry and rice at a sushi restaurant, or tonkatsu and yakitori at a udon restaurant as usual. Let's do it.

If you make a mistake once or twice, even the shop side can give you a polite explanation, but if you repeat it, it is not pleasant!
Then, fried rice, fried noodles, okonomiyaki, tonkatsu, yakitori, and kajika are not "Japanese food". They are now a great everyday meal for us and a normal menu for the Japanese.
I feel that there is not enough explanation that customers from overseas are not confused, and it is necessary to make efforts to avoid both sides being jerky.
However, the so-called “Japanese food” does not represent a difference from the top, but if our current diet is diversified, it will be easy for both people to understand and understand that “Japanese food” is indispensable. I feel that it will improve.
It will also be necessary to safely provide food that can be enjoyed with peace of mind by people of diverse religions and cultures.
In June 2020, hygiene management in line with HACCP will be required, and from the viewpoint of food hygiene, we will continue to take initiatives on “food”.
Rather than staying at the name of an intangible cultural heritage, “Japanese food” will not be limited, but it will be necessary to make efforts to disseminate “Japanese food” by making efforts to ensure that people around the world have a safe, secure and pleasant meal.

Vice Chairman
Yanagiya Nobuo Yanagisawa

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